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It’s been a while since I posted last, in that time I have built my own desktop PC (I know!) and I still don’t have my hands on one of the latest iMac’s due to certain budget constraints!

There hasn’t been much happening in Apple world with regard to computer hardware, most of the recent news revolves around iOS devices.

However finally some data came out about possible Mac Pro updates, namely that two GPUs built specifically for Apple and the existing mac pro are the AMD Radeon HD 7950 and Nvidia GTX 680. I assume due to the AMD card being the weaker that it will be the stock configuration for the new Mac Pro. It could still be that these are just mac editions of the cards built for adding to older Mac Pro’s but I think that would be unlikely since we are so far over due on a Mac Pro update, it would make sense that these will be part of the massively late update.

The PC I recently built actually has a normal AMD Radeon HD 7950, so it will be interesting to get the final specs and price of the Mac Pro when it comes out and see how it compares to the PC that I just built for around £800.

Since I have started using a PC regularly it has piqued my interest in owning an iPad again. While I still used a macbook pro daily it seemed pointless having an iPad but now using windows more often and being tied to a desk situation makes the case for a good iOS device that isn’t also my phone much greater. Hopefully there will be some iOS news soon and possibly a retina iPad mini on the cards.

In my own world of Apple products my agenda is filled with various models all failing after reaching a certain age and being beyond Applecare. I have no experience at all building a system from scratch that isn’t a nice easy desktop. I have two iMac’s I plan to completely disassemble and rebuild completely including all hardware even the parts soldered to the Logic Board, hopefully in the coming weeks I can take the same approach to some Apple laptops and finally understand and how to build and repair any sort of hardware fault.

If it all goes pear shaped then I am sure I will have some photos of the destruction.


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