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2013 Roadmap / I still don’t have an iMac!

Image2013 is now well under way, I still have not got my hands on one of the new iMacs and probably won’t for at least a few months. The closest I have managed is to go in to the apple store and just use one there.

They do look and feel excellent but I still find myself wondering why exactly Apple felt the need to make a desktop computer even thinner. The bulge in the back is less than attractive too, it sort of reminds me of the old G series iMac that looked like a desk lamp.

Once I finally get my hands on the new iMac I will post up an in depth review, which will probably be way too late to interest anyone but myself.

KGI Securities released a 2013 Apple product road map last week and the start of 2013 looks pretty barren, with not even a single mention of the Mac Pro which is still in dire need of a complete overhaul. Either that or Apple need to kill that product line, offering an inferior product at such a high price point is just off putting for any potential professional customers.

I was expecting to see an update for the Retina Macbook Pro 15″ with maybe a speed bump in the processors or a small graphics update to the 660M. However, the road map above shows no update until Q3 which would align with Intel releasing the Haswell processors.

At that point the 13″ retina should see a nice boost with the new Intel 4600 graphics chip which should be able to outperform the HD4000 pretty easily.

The next iMac update will probably just be a Haswell processor update too, I would like to see them include an SSD upgrade option in all of the iMacs rather than just HDD or fusion drive.

The Macbook Air looks like it will be the first to get the Haswell upgrade and at that point I am now considering switching my macbook pro for an air, hopefully we see the air shipping with more than 128GB storage in the base model and also 8GB of ram.



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