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Want to upgrade your new iMac?


Well, be prepared for a lot of hassle.

iFixit released there teardown of the new 21.5″ iMac last week. First signs from other users suggested this may be the most user upgradable iMac for a while due to the LCD and Glass being one single unit and not screwed down to the case.

Sadly the display is held down by the usual magnets and also foam adhesive. You will need a heat gun to melt the adhesive and gain entry to the iMac itself. That’s not the end of it though, now that you have the panel off, you have destroyed the adhesive, when you put this back together you will need to refit it with new adhesive foam. Nightmare.

Once you are inside the easiest thing to upgrade is the HDD, just removing a few screws will let you remove the standard 2.5″ drive. Yes, apple have finally stopped putting full size noisier drives in to the iMac.

That pretty much covers everything that is “easy” to replace.

Do you want to add more ram? Well, you will have to remove the logic board for that because everything on the inside of the iMac faces in the way.

As you can see on the iFixit teardown the actual layout of the inside of the iMac is wonderful. I opened up a 2008 iMac the other week to replace some dead hard drives and that thing was horrible, foil and tape all over the place, generally just horrible to see.

The 27″ model has started shipping now and has turned up for a few lucky early adopters. Hopefully we will see someone crack one of these open soon and find out what differences there are. The RAM is actually user upgradable in the 27″ model so that’s a start at least.

As much of a hassle as all this is, I must say I am looking forward to taking some of these apart when our Applecare warranty runs out, I have my suction cups and heat gun at the ready!


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