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New iMac incoming?

ImageThe iMac has been overdue an significant upgrade for some time now, it’s actually been over a year since the last update.

I have been given the go head a few months ago to get a new iMac for work, I have one on my desk as a general use computer but I really needed a second for building/testing images and dual boot deployment. At the time I managed to convince my work to hold off on purchasing because the new iMacs would be released soon and there is no point buying in 1 year old hardware.

Last month (October) the new iMacs were announced finally, I was eager to purchase as soon as possible. The apple store updated but the result was disappointing, 21.5″ available in November and 27″ available in December. OK, I can wait until November and still get the computer by the end of the year and finally get some good work done.

Currently it is the 27th of November and the 21.5″ iMac is not available for order yet. There are rumours that it will be available tomorrow, but I won’t get my hopes up until I finally see that BUY button on the apple store.

If it does release in November (3 days to go), I don’t hold out much hope in getting one before the new year, mostly because the budgeting at my place of work has been fudged and we apparently have no money to spend now. Will I get the elusive iMac? Who knows.

When I finally do get my hands on the new iMac I will be posting a detailed blog about all the new features, design and some info on how easy/hard it is to take apart. The new design seems like an odd decision to me, and the LCD and Glass being one unit is interesting, it could make it easier or harder to replace parts, I look forward to finding out if those 25kg suckers I bought for the current gen of iMacs are still useful for removing the screen.

UPDATE: It will be here on Friday the 30th! Now to wonder what the shipping times will be like to get these in time for Christmas and before they sell out.


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